Remove Your Vehicle From the Premises

Remove Your Vehicle From the Premises

Recover your vehicle in Monroe, NC

You’ve gotten into an accident, and your vehicle is no longer safe for the road. It may not be totaled, but you don’t know if it could pose a danger to yourself or others if you start driving again. City Tire Towing Service can recover and store your car after it’s been in an accident. We’ll bring it to our storage lot, where you can decide what steps you need to take next.

Call (704) 254-9264 now to have a vehicle removed from your property.

Our process

Curious about what will happen to your vehicle after it's towed? Here's a quick look at our process:

  • We receive a call to remove a vehicle
  • We visit the site and tow the vehicle to our storage lot
  • Insurance inspections will be completed and law enforcement will determine if there are any legal issues

You can count on City Tire Towing Service to remove unwelcome vehicles from your property.